All classes shoot the same course of fire and will be mixed within the squads. Bring 60 - 70 rounds of ammo just in case. 

The competition consists of 5 matches:

Match 1 - Application

Prone, 2 Optional marked unscored sighters. 10 rounds scored, fired in 5 minutes. Starting with rifles loaded & in the prone position

Match 2 - Bums on Ranges

Sitting/Kneeling/Squatting, 10 rounds scored, fired in 5 minutes. Starting with rifles loaded & in the desired position

Match 3 - Catching the Wind

Standing, 10 rounds scored, fired in 5 minutes. Starting with rifles loaded and in the standing position

Match 4 - Action M

Prone, Standing, Sitting/Kneeling, Standing, Prone, 10 rounds scored, fired in 60 seconds. Starting with competitor & rifles at the front of the mound, facing forward & ammunition loaded in magazines/clips. On the horn blast, competitors go prone, load magazine and fire two shots. Then stand and fire two more shots. Then kneel/sit and fire two shots. Then stand again and fire two shots, before finally going prone and letting go the last two shots. This event combines a mix of aerobics and aromatherapy so often lacking in competitive shooting!

Match 5 - Akatore Turnaround

Prone, 10 rounds scored, fired in 60 seconds with Compulsory Reload. Start with competitor and rifles at the front of the mound, facing forward with loaded magazines/stripper clips at the rear of the mound. On the horn blast, competitors turn, run back and pick up magazines/stripper clips, run forward, adopt the prone position, load, and while firing carry out a compulsory reload at a point of the shooters choice. All shooters are to ceasefire on the second horn blast.

All squads will shoot Match 1. Then Matches 2 & 3 will be shot together and then finally we will shoot Matches 4 & 5 together. Competitors will get a fresh target for matches 1, 2. & 3. Matches 4 & 5 will share a target. Targets will be scored and results posted on the scoreboard at the mound as the competition progresses. All targets used will be the standard fig 12/B. The centre ā€˜Vā€™ ring will be scored as six points. All Matches will be shot from the 200m mound.

In the event of a tie for first place in the same class then the competitors will compete in a decider, consisting of;

Tie Breaker Prone 10 rounds, fired in 3 minutes. Start with loaded rifles & in the prone position.