Every year in mid-Spring the Bruce Rifle Club Inc hosts its annual Service Rifle Competition. The competition is open to anyone and is run as an opportunity for collectors and users of Military Rifles to get together, have a social catch up and shoot in a competitive environment. It is also an opportunity to introduce Service Rifle shooting to a wider audience unfamiliar to what we do, the rifles we use and why we do it!

On this site there are pictures and score results from previous years competitions for you to browse through. Plus sections of this site have been created to provide all the resources competitors will need to enable them to enter the competition, with rifle & ammunition guidelines, course of fire and our range standing orders.

We are always keen to receive feedback on how the competition is run and any ideas are always welcome.


Contact the Match Director at:                                                                    

[email protected]

The Bruce Rifle Club is centered around Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand and was formed in 1864.

Whilst many of the club members have a strong interest in service rifle shooting, the club caters for most rifle based disciplines, including .22 rimfire, F & FTR long range & metalic silhouette shooting. The club also works closely with other shooting related organisations, for example assisting with the NZDA Safe Hunter Training program.

The club operates a rifle range set in the Akatore Forest, near Milburn. The range incorporates a Hythe type target frame system and has dedicated firing positions at 50m, 100m, 200m, 300m, 500yrds & 600yrds.

Bruce Rifle Club email address (for all general non-SRC related enquiries):

[email protected] 





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